About us

About us

JSC “Bapanovichkhleboprodukt” is one of the largest integrated enterprises of agro-industrial complex in Belarus.

We are ready to offer large, medium and small business the whole range of grain processing products:

  • Flour “Gaspadar” of all marks and grades;
  • Semi-finished products of flour, flour mixes “Gaspadar” for quick cooking of pancakes, pizzas, fritters, and other bakery;
  • Products of healthy eating including wheat germ flakes, wheat fiber and also wheat for germination;
  • Cereals;
  • Compound feeds for all types of farm animals, poultry and fish including those made according to individual recipes.

The specificity of our enterprise lies in completed life cycle of goods.

We begin with growing grain, its harvesting, preserving at elevators that provide qualitative grain preservation, then grain processing with getting flour or compound feeds and finishing by delivery of production to our own trade network.

Products by JSC “Baranovichikhleboproduct” are distinguished by high quality, by usage of grain that is grown on Belarusian soils, by unique recipes that include only natural ingredients.

The history and the future of the enterprise are in constant improvement of technological processes, continuous improvement of product quality as well as improving working conditions for our employees.

To support the whole cycle of product life we support high technological level at all the stages of production in order to draw consumers’ interest by qualitative and competitively priced product.